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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Carlos Romero

Mr. Romero has been leading client teams at JNC for 18 years. As an expert in all aspects of field service, Carlos has been able to build a highly respected team of deeply skilled people to service multiple industries. Carlos has created a workforce that is responsive and proactive about its service. His team is known to address problems before anyone even notices and provide trusted service to all of our clients.  Carlos Romero manages both clients and employees with a drive for excellence that personifies what JNC is all about.

Chris Panza

Chris Panza started Jersey National Cleaning Service in 2003. With just a few employees, Chris quickly built a reputation for client-focused service and delivering exceptional results. Chris was not satisfied with having a standard cleaning service. Looking at the landscape, Chris saw that specialty services were needed with a trained staff that knew what results a client was looking for. For example, Chris put together a team of people with expertise in the health care and hospital management field. JNCS began to focus not on just cleaning services, but in raising a hospitals HCAP score. Knowing why a client needed the service was just as important in how to deliver it. As a result, Chris has been able to build an industry-focused business that has grown and provided successful services for over 15 years.

Christina Fern

Christina Fern joined JNC in 2013 and runs all aspects of our operations.  Christina has a focus that allows JNC to operate as if it has an office staff twice its current size. Christina handles all aspects of payroll, human resources, field staff management and contracts. JNC is lucky to have Christina on the team to help us grow and continue to deliver outstanding results.

Matt Smith

Matt is the most recent addition to the JNC team. With 20 years experience in operations and helping businesses enhance their capabilities, Matt is focused on taking JNC to new levels of success.  In additional to adopting new software to streamline operations and launch new business units, Matt will be instrumental in helping JNC continue to provide it's unique ability to provide client-focused delivery of services.

Nick Panza

Nick Panza joined JNC after receiving his Bachelors Degree from S.U.N.Y. Cortland in 2014. Nick is living proof that JNC is a family business that takes pride in the JNC brand, and is pushing to bring us forward to new technologies and business ideas. From field work to operations and delivery management, Nick is playing a large part in bring JNC forward as a business.

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