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Our Services

JNC provides comprehensive cleaning services. We are proud ot have 18 years of experience, and that our capabilities will match your needs. It is unlikely that we have not encountered a client need or environment similar to yours. Below are some of our primary services.

    Commercial Cleaning

    From offices to warehouses to manufacturing plants, we do it all. Air quality improvement, HEPA vacuuming, lunch, cafeteria, restroom, scrubbing and floors. JNC provides total commercial cleaning services.

    Construction Cleanup

    From trash removal & cleanup to restoration services, JNC provides outstanding construction clean up services. We assist with disaster recovery, water damage, mold removal, allergen or biohazard removal, and more.

    Overhead and High Surface

    We service all aspects: dirt, dust, webs, oil, grease, powder, metal dust, particulate matter and any other contamination. We provide services for ceiling & roofs, supports, truss, conduit, duct, pipe, HVAC, fans, tanks, equipment, sprinklers, electrical wiring, fixtures and all surfaces.


    Complete commercial cleaning services for office buildings, retail centers and all commercial properties, either as a regular contract or as a one-time specialty project.

    Regulated Facility

    JNC assists in staying compliant with regulatory directives or standards. We are able to assist with EPA, OSHA, USDA, FDA, GMP, ISO, NIOSH, ISRA or other agencies that regulate your environment.

    Pressure Washing

    JNC provides pressure/power washing and steam cleaning to commercial and residential clients.  As part of this service we can also execute power & auto scrubbing, and solvent extraction cleaning. We help prepare for inspections, increase compliance or simply improve your appearance.

    Commercial Kitchen

    We service restaurants, bars, halls and hotels.  We understand the importance of high-quality cleanliness for food preparation and dining areas. We use state-0f-the-art equipment and chemicals to clean and de-grease your kitchen equipment, kitchen hood, wall, ceiling, floor and grout surfaces in order to enhance the appearance of your facility and ensure you are prepared to pass inspections.

    Floor Care

    We provide world-class floor care, including stripping and waxing, refinishing, preventative maintenance and buffing. We also service carpets with shampooing and disinfecting. Floor care is not only important for appearance and cleanliness, but contributes to health and safety and compliance scores.

    Odor or Allergen Removal

    We service commercial and residential properties that have odor problems related to long-term neglect or exposure to specific odor-causing chemicals or conditions.  Allergens can be harmful, especially molds and other toxins that can be hidden or hard to find. With our stat-of-the-art equipment we can determine your need and provide the right services to remediate.

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